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NCBS: about us

Ñānasaṃvara Centre for Buddhist Studies

The Nānasaṃvara Centre for Buddhist Studies (henceforth NCBS) is a research institute, focusing on both Buddhist Texts and on how to apply the Buddha's teachings from those texts to benefit modern society. The Centre aims at strengthening the research into various Buddhist texts as well as the study of various living traditions of Buddhism, raising funds for doing research and serving as a forum for discussions led by distinguished scholars on Buddhism.

In particular, it encourages Thai authorities to preserve Buddhist manuscripts found in Thailand and provides funding to its selected scholars to do a critical edition of those texts. It also conducts a non-curricular study programme on Buddhism and offers crash courses in languages used to preserve Buddhist texts such as Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan and Chinese, and offers specific courses to read ancient letters used to record those Buddhist manuscripts, especially Khmer, ancient Lanna and ancient Mon.